sábado, 28 de febrero de 2009

Hasta lo malo se volvió imposible con vos



- Penny?
- Yeah?


So, what the fuck
do you want, Donny?

Oh, I just thought I'd drop by.

Just checking in.

Well, I don't remember any
happy ending between us, Don.

No... reconciliation,

You left me, Penny.


Very clearly.

So, what is it you wanted?

Everything okay over there, Pen?

Not sure yet!

Goddamn it.

What is it you wanted?

Penny, do you-

Do you have a son?

Fuck you, Donny!

Danny, grab that fucker.


Shut up.

I didn't say anything.

What the hell's
your fuckin' problem?

I was just leaving.

No, what are you doing
upsetting Penny like that, huh?

I just needed to
ask her a question.

Yeah, I know you
asked her a question.

Now, listen.

I just don't think
it's very sensitive of you...

comin' out here
to try to hurt Penny's feelings,

you know,
to get back at her or whatever.

That just seems so rude.

(punched by a carlesso)

viernes, 20 de febrero de 2009


y siguen con esas quintas circulando
de la misma manera que los queria y admiraba

hoy me parecen lo menos de lo menos
gracias BOH
gracias amigos
gracias a ustedes, mierderos

lunes, 16 de febrero de 2009

jo ro jo joi
que es esa mierda?